Friday, February 07, 2014

Beatles and now

I am the proud owner of two signed prints by Astrid Kircherr, who was a friend of the Beatles and the fiancee of ex-Beatle Stu Sutcliff. Kircherr and the immortal Klaus Voorman, the creator of the Revolver album cover, the best album cover of all time IMO, knew the Beatles from their days playing around Hamburg.

And here is the woman herself, hanging out with Paul in 1963.

Astrid and Klaus Voorman
Speaking of Beatles there's a brief but interesting piece in the NYTimes by Andrew Rosenthal marking the fact that it's been fifty years since the Beatles came to America, and includes a link to the original NYTimes story about it.

And in this article Allan Kozinn makes an observation that really puts things in perspective, temporal-dimension-wise:
In 1964, the idea of generations of music lovers getting together to celebrate a band that became popular 50 years earlier — that is, in 1914 — would have been inconceivable.

What were the big hits of 1914?

Apparently "Aba Daba Honeymoon."