Sunday, February 02, 2014

Fun Facts about Atlas Shrugged

Thanks to a Russian web site which has placed the entirety of Atlas Shrugged on a single web page, it is now possible to do a quick search on the novel and quickly discover some fun facts:

  • The word "vermin" only appears once, to my surprise. In reference to a tax collector - that was not a surprise.
  • The word "parasite" appears 23 times.
  • The word "moocher" appears only 7 times. Big surprise - I would have thought it showed up at least as much as parasite.
  • "Looter" shows up 115 times - wow I thought looter and moocher were used almost equally. I was so wrong.
  • "Sneer" appears 16 times.
  • The word "chuckle" appears 133 times.
  • "Contempt" appears 109 times.
  • "Hate" appears 309 times.
  • "Angular" appears 24 times.
  • "Gold" appears 110 times.
  • "Despise/despised" appear 45 times.
  • "Evil" appears 236 times.
  • "Cigarette" appears 98 times.