Friday, April 26, 2013

When extremists attack

I've mentioned here before that I was the target of some extremists who, because I disagreed with them about John Lennon and Yoko Ono  (I said Lennon/Ono were not racists) decided to use their Tumblr accounts to tag me as a racist in Google results.

At first I thought the source of the smear was someone named The Mad Gastronomer - her real name is Rebecca Scott - but eventually I realized that Scott was just repeating something from Mikki Kendall's Tumblr account, called Esoterica. Kendall blogs under the name karnythia.

Who is Mikki Kendall? Well that's an interesting question, and one which I will probably be addressing in detail soon. It turns out that a friend of mine has a mutual friend of hers on Facebook, and I thought I'd see if contacting Kendall through a social network (she doesn't include her email address on her Tumblr account) would convince her to stop lying about me online. We'll see what happens.

But here's an interesting thing about extremists like Mikki Kendall - they are so extreme that they end up hurting their own ideological allies and aiding the very people they claim to oppose.

Here is an example - the thing about Tumblr is that as people repost somebody else's story, it goes higher on Google results. Now it turns out that a loathsome misogynist by the name of Andrew Bellware has a Tumblr account, and as you can see here, he decided to help push Kendall & friends' lie about me higher by liking her post - his Tumblr account is called pandoramachine.

Notice the bottom comment about "white feminists" - it's an increasingly unavoidable conclusion that for Kendall and her mob white feminists are the root of all evil.

For over a year I've just ignored Kendall and friends' slurs against me. But now that they are in league with a woman-hating* freak like Bellware, shit's about to get real.

I initially tangled with Andrew Bellware when I blogged about the fact that he was mentioned on the web site Nudity Required, No Pay, which chronicles the various attempts throughout the entertainment industry to exploit actors, especially female actors. This developed into a year long barrage of personal attacks from Bellware - not only publishing a parody I wrote in its entirety on his site without my permission, attacking me while publishing my name and personal email address (although he does that to his "friends" too), along with defamatory statements and "poetry" written specifically to attack me via my personal life, (yes, he has the emotional sophistication of an adolescent -but that's pretty obvious when you look at the dorm room aesthetic of his web site - including at least one photo of a trussed up woman, which Bellware declares is "awesome" - I wonder how Mikki Kendall likes that)  but even more grotesquely, through a series of search string texts with extreme sexual and misogynistic messages.  I blogged about that here. Here's a sample of the kinds of things he chose to enter into Google search, knowing that I would read them:
[my name] heavens mergatroyd needs it hard in the ass 
[my name] heavens mergatroyd slurps it down  
[my name] heavens mergatroyd can't keep cock out of her ass
There are plenty more where that came from - he did it regularly from March - December 2010.

So I find it very strange that Mikki Kendall is basically in league with this asshole. She seems to hate other feminists much more than misogynists. Which I guess is how extremists roll.

*Bellware does have female friends who aid him in making his "movies" and who have no problem with his intense misogyny - but of course there are also female Republicans and women who oppose abortion. There are all kinds of women out there who will work with misogynists, for reasons best known to themselves.