Friday, April 12, 2013

Rainy Friday in the city

Wow, the weather was crappy today, but I went out into the cold and the rain anyway. First I went with a co-worker to the New York University Torch Club for lunch - my co-worker is an alumni of NYU - to have delicious Senegal-fusion food created by chef Pierre Thiam. They even had a fire going.

I'm not sure who the guy in the portrait is - my co-worker told me but I forgot.

The view on the rainy street.
I liked the rug in front of the fire place - it needed some cleaning but I need a new rug soon - I wouldn't mind this one (if it was cleaner.)

And to cap off the day I met with my physical therapist which I love because she basically gives me a neck massage every time I see her and it feels awesome. On the way out I passed the abstract sculpture known as the Spillhous Sun Triangle. Of course there was no sun, but I couldn't resist taking this photo under one side of the triangle - the entire sculpture is reflective.

Here is another photo of the Triangle - I put a red box where I stood to get the photo above:

This is all in a sunken plaza, which by the way, is right next door to the Death Star - aka the American headquarters of News Corp, the parent company of the dread Fox News. *shiver* Now if only I could find that thermal exhaust port.