Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunny Saturday out of the city

We rented a car (Prius - ah memories) and headed for deep South Jersey on Saturday to take the Reverend Bookburn out for dinner for his birthday.

Here we are arriving in the cul-de-sac.

The Rev, surprisingly, lives in suburban splendor. Back in our younger days the Rev was always heading for Philadelphia or New York City, but now he's out in what is practically the country, down in Gloucester County.

Here is Nome, enjoying some of the suburban splendor.

But there were no restaurants in the suburban splendor so we headed over to Collingswood NJ, where the Rev used to live in his younger days - many an itinerant punk rock band crashed on the floor of his apartment in those days. This was especially funny because at the time Collingswood was a quaint old town full of old people and thrift shops. But now it's this happening place, full of fancy and funky restaurants and artsy-craftsy shops and boutiques. Dig This.

We took the Rev to the Tortilla Press and got him a birthday brownie for dessert.