Saturday, April 27, 2013

More on Mikki Kendall's misogynist pal

You can read all my posts about the full-time career of hate-mongering by unethical journalist Mikki Kendall here.

The thing about Mikki Kendall's attempt to smear me via Tumblr-Google-bombing is that she doesn't vet the people who "like" her blog post smears. As I mentioned yesterday, Andrew Bellware liked one of her bullshit blog posts and he's as misogynist as they come.

But really, the Grand Wizard of the KKK could like and repost Kendall's smear about me and she wouldn't care - because what she really cares about isn't actual racism, or fighting actual racists, it's trying to shut white feminists up because she hates white feminists more than anything else. And the more people who repost or like her garbage, the more she can attack white feminists. And no that is not hyperbole. She is obsessed with her hatred for white feminists:

Here Mikki Kendall pushes the idea that white feminists hate Michelle Obama.
Once again, Mikki Kendall finds that white feminists fail.
And of course Mikki Kendall believes that white feminists are racists.

The best part though is that she actually appears to be attempting to make a career as a writer and/or academic while at the same time operating as a Tumblr-mob bully. More about that soon.

Andrew Bellware, Mikki Kendall supporter enjoys pictures of trussed up women.

Well it is a white woman in the photo. Maybe Mikki Kendall is OK with it, since it's only a white woman and they are the root of all evil. Especially Lena Dunham, who accepted an offer to have her own TV show and didn't refuse the opportunity on the basis that there is still injustice all over the world.

Because if TV executives don't do shows about women of color we all know who is to blame - white feminists.