Sunday, August 19, 2012

Terry Gross and Jon Stewart - amazing

How is it I missed this when I was a subway ride away from the 92 St. Y - and still get their mailings?

I used to listen to Fresh Air on a daily basis - now not so much - but I do watch the Daily Show all the time.

Best moment in this clip above - Terry Gross: "I thought you hated me!"

Apparently Terry Gross interviewed Jon Stewart over ten years ago and thought she "blew it" while Jon Stewart thought it was a good interview!

I tracked down the interview on the Fresh Air archives here. From May 31, 2000 it's about twenty minutes long.

Actually I think there's a bit of flirting going on in this interview. At about 8 minutes in, Stewart says to Gross "you don't find me amusing in the least."

Now actually, Gross laughed several times up to that point, so there's no reason to say that in earnest, unless, as Stewart says "I'm a needy son of a bitch." He also claims to be "naked on an air mattress in Hoboken."

Gross reassures him that she does find him funny.

What I think is that Terry Gross, who is not a lesbian as some people apparently believe, has a huge crush on Jon Stewart. You can see how nervous she is in the 92 St. Y interview.

And who can blame her?

You can get an idea of how tiny Terry Gross is at the end of the clip above, when they stand up - Jon Stewart is famously short, and Gross comes up to his navel.

She also interviewed Paul Krugman!

And I finally realized that the Fresh Air archives is a priceless treasure trove.
She also interviewed Caitlin Moran!