Thursday, August 30, 2012

And yet another monologue

It has certainly been Eric Percival month at NYCPlaywrights. But he's been doing such a great job, so why the hell not?

I have to admit my special effects firefly is definitely "special" - but I've seen worse special effects online.

It's definitely one of the better monologues we've done, although I'm not crazy about the ending, which is kind of creepy/stalkery. But several of the script evaluators picked it, so I went with it.

We recorded this on Roosevelt Island - it was the nearest place I could think of where we could have access to a fairly bucolic setting that wasn't a New York City park - which all ban smoking. I don't pay these actors enough to have them risk a fine for smoking. As I mentioned in a previous post, those cigarettes were very expensive, even more than the beer and I bought a big-ass bottle of beer - that was the only individual-serve size available at the convenience store. And Eric drank the whole think while we recorded this - by the end I think he was a little drunk. But he's a pro and you cannot tell.