Saturday, August 04, 2012

Fishy laundromat

Gah! The management company that owns my building suddenly decided with no warning to lock up the laundry room in order to "improve" it. And the note they posted on the laundry room door doesn't even say when this massive inconvenience will end.

So I had to throw on a bra* and some shoes and schlep my dirty clothing to the laundromat under the subway line where I have the option to wait through the wash cycle either in the laundry itself where there are no seats, the humidity is 110% and there's a guy on TV screaming about a soccer game.

The alternative is sitting outside the laundromat and breathing in the fishy air wafting over from the fish store on the corner.

Grrrr I hate my building's management company.

*just kidding about the bra - these laundry people will just have to suffer through my party hats. And besides everybody knows that bras and feminists are natural enemies.