Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nancy McClernan is anti-racist and egalitarian

Nancy McClernan is anti-racist and egalitarian, but a target of Google-bombing Tumblr zombies.

A year ago I disagreed on Facebook with some people who called John Lennon and Yoko Ono racists for a song they wrote 41 years ago. And for that, some nutty extremists defamed me as a "racist."

Now anybody who knows me, or even reads this blog, knows I'm an anti-racist and pro-egalitarian. I also have plenty of non-white friends and colleagues who will testify I am anti-racist. But such things don't matter to a mob of crazies with too much time on their hands and push-button technology to enable their mindless mob behavior.

Anyway, I certainly wouldn't ask one of  my non-white friends to come forward and reveal their real names on my behalf - they would end up a target of these wackos too.

I predict that Tumblr will eventually be sued into extinction when they've allowed one anonymous coward too many to spread lies and hate at will. But in the meantime, anybody in the world can be smeared by these mindless idiots. You too.

These Tumblr zombies are like the people who regularly attempt to ban Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because Twain used the word "nigger." Which he did because that's how people referred to their slaves in the antebellum South, which was the time-period HUCK was set.

We refer to people who can't allow a bad word to be used in any context because they don't understand or are hostile to art as "Philistines."

However, Mark Twain wasn't perfect and I wrote an introduction to my adaptation of Huck Finn in which I discuss why Twain ruined the last third of his novel - by having the character Jim forget all about his family. Go and read it.