Thursday, July 05, 2012

J&B feedback

So what was I doing two years ago? I was working on the JULIA & BUDDY theme song - here is an early version. I was doing it for the first incarnation of J&B, the one-act version for the Midtown International Theatre Festival. This version of the song sounds very much like John Lennon's early post-Beatles period. A little like his version of Stand By Me.

So I was told by a theatre organization that J&B is a "charming, quirky comedy" and yet it still was not for them. I decided to take this as a positive sign - perhaps there is a theatre group that does produce charming quirky comedies out there somewhere.

Perhaps groups with guitars are not entirely on the way out.*

And someone has recently suggested they might be willing to co-produce J&B with me, and so it's probably for the best - if I'm involved in the production I know some director won't be hired to come along and fuck everything up.

I am still experimenting with the logo though...

*The Beatles were famously informed by a suit at Decca records that they had been rejected for a record contract because "groups with guitars are on the way out."

It must be said that the Fab Four were not gracious losers about it either. A few years later when asked about the incident, Paul McCartney remarked "I bet he's kicking himself now" to which Lennon added "I hope he kicks himself to death."