Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Shakespeare

I heard from the Shakespeare Birthday Project people recently:
We created a site that linked to all these lovely blogs and video blogs, which essentially acted as a giant birthday card to the bard. Last year you contributed to this project with blog post that we thought was rather fantastic!

...We hope you will be involved again this year. You can publish your post anytime between April 22th - April 28th - with the 23rd being ideal, as that is, of course, the Bard's actual birthday.  
With flattery like that how could I say no? In any case I enjoyed writing it immensely.

They didn't know I run NYCPlaywrights - they were pretty happy when I offered to post info about their project on the web site.

This year I plan to write about the consolation of writing sonnets in the Shakespearean mode. I'll publish that April 23.