Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sonnet Roundup 2011

April 10 is the traditional date of my annual sonnet round-up. My online sonnet production has certainly fallen off for year three.

Total sonnets year 1
(2008-2009) - 50

Total sonnets year 2
(2009-2010) - 45

Total sonnets year 3
(2010-2011) - 12

Grand total: 107

Of the twelve, I think three are pretty good. I do think my sonnet-writing has improved in three years, which is a nice thing. My three faves since April 2010 are:

  • Mate - written in honor of The Poetess, a woman I've never met, but who decided to make herself my enemy (on behalf of a friend of hers with whom I had a falling out) by posting poetry online written specifically to mock and insult me. I call her poetess instead of poet since she likes to use the female form of occupations to describe herself, because, I guess she's just so utterly feminine: she calls herself a comedienne, instead of a comedian. So between that and the fact that she's not a real poet, I call her The Poetess.

    She's also not a real comedian - I've seen her work on Youtube.

    "Mate" borrows a line from AS YOU LIKE IT.

  • Amoureuse - it's just pretty damn sexy in my opinion. I especially like
    The luscious swollen token of no-doubt -
    His approval manifest unspoken.

  • Transport me darling - started out as a challenge to myself - Willie the Whaler uses the term "All-a-taunt-o" in one of his ads for the Whaler Bar and I thought it sounded like a euphemism for an erection, and wanted to include it in a poem. The first four lines are a series of double-entendres, starting with the word "transport" which can mean both to move from one location to another and also ecstasy.