Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love, Death & Christmas

I've decided to do another evening of short plays, along the lines of STRESS AND THE CITY, this time for Christmas. I was going to do A CHRISTMAS CTHULU but the plot was too involved with theatre, and I've done too many of those plays lately. And actually my policy is to avoid inside-theatre plays as much as possible. Also the whole Lovecraft thing has been done to death lately with no less than three recent productions that I'm aware of.

And I have these short plays which will go pretty well together - some have had readings, some have had productions, some I haven't quite finished yet...

THE VERY DARK ROOM - my suicide play

JASMINE - my violent ho play

NEW RULES - I did this for one of the John Chatterton shows, but it bears repeating

SODOM & GOMORRAH: THE ONE-MAN SHOW - same with this one - and this is about theatre too... oh well, it's only ten minutes or so

GREEN MONKEY SYNDROME - a slice from my play I SEE LONDON which was produced at the Brick Playhouse in Philadelphia twelve years ago. Not quite finished.

MISTRESS ILSA - a reworking of my play MOTHER LODE, and partly inspired by the bar-owner/waitress dynamic in "A Confederacy of Dunces." Not quite finished.

YULE COUNTY - Also a suicide play - I did this as a reading in my 10-min Playfest

CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS - also done for a Chatterton show, but needs to be in a Christmas show. I have big plans for this.

And one of my favorite parts of a new production - I get to design a logo: