Wednesday, March 09, 2011

another call for plays for NYCPlaywrights

We're not even done judging the Share your excellent play contest and already NYCPlaywrights is doing a new call for play submissions: 10-minute Play of the Month and as with the first one, almost all the submissions of the first couple of days after the inital announcement are from male playwrights.

The theme this month is "must have some connection or reference to the life and/or work of Shakespeare" which I thought was pretty straightforward, but today I got a play about a couple at a Renaissance Faire. I guess the author figured hey, guys wear tights in Shakespeare plays too. But not only that, the hero of the play is a guy who thinks that Renaissance Faires are lame and makes several jokes about it, and his girlfriend, who is described as beautiful, loves Renaissances Faires. So after he insults her favorite thing, he explains he just doesn't know how to tell her that he loves her. So she takes him back.

Because who doesn't love the all-American regular-guy oafish insensitive self-centered douchebag?

I replied to the author that the play doesn't meet the theme, but perhaps he might consider turning it into a full-length screenplay and submitting it to Judd Apatow.

He said he would think about it.

I don't think he quite got how scathingly I was insulting him.