Sunday, March 06, 2011

chat chat chat

What IS IT with men on dating sites? You try to have a conversation with them by email and they immediately want to go to chat. WHY? What's wrong with email - instant communication isn't fast enough? Or is it too much trouble to form complete sentences with standard punctuation and actual thoughts?

And if they think they're going to get me to chat sexytalk with a virtual stranger they have another think coming. Do other women do that? What's the point? You have no idea what they are really like until you meet them.

The younger guys are the worst - I think they've all been watching too much MILF porn and think that real life works like that - all these older women are so thrilled with a younger guy - ANY younger guy - that they'll do anything, immediately, no questions asked.

Real life does NOT work that way!

I'm not against porn per se (the non-violent kind), but I do have to wonder if so much easy access is giving younger people a completely surreal attitude about human sexuality.