Thursday, March 17, 2011

J&B next level - oy

Well I just about gave myself a hernia with all the heavy editorial lifting in my efforts to improve the second half of JULIA & BUDDY and am happy to report that while the job is still not done, I did make some progress - but only by sitting in front of my computer for a solid eight hours in a single stretch and wrassling the damn mess into submission.

But it was all worth it this evening - I invited Joseph Rodriguez, aka THE LIBERTINE himself to play the role of Buddy, and was very impressed with his work. And he suggested that I might look into his group Playhouse Creatures and their new play development series. No more sincere compliment than that!

More images from THE LIBERTINE can be seen here - can that man rock a wig or WHAT?

Now back to editing - there needs to be more funny stuff. Oy.