Sunday, December 13, 2009

another mystery solved

I've blogged earlier about how the TV series "Alias Smith and Jones" was a big influence on my heterosexual development. The Masterpiece Theater series "Tom Brown's Schooldays" was also a big influence - and on reviewing the excerpt from the series here, I think this also explains why I love men in Regency-period costume so much. When I first saw this show I was smitten with Tom Brown and his blond friend here - I was ten years old at the time but I was also aware of a sexual charge from the sadistic bully Flashman. And now I see why - just look at him, in boots and sundry sartorial splendors and tied up with a bow. Even though the character is a bastard of course he's still a scorching hot hottie. I finally know the name of the actor: Richard Morant

The actor who played Tom Brown is Anthony Murphy, now a painter. And not nearly as handsome as you might expect considering how incredibly pretty he was in the day.