Monday, January 19, 2009

STRESS monologue

Actors' Equity will not allow videotaping of Equity Showcase productions or even rehearsals, because the people who mostly vote on Equity issues are all over 50 and can't keep up with new technologies like Youtube. When the Equity rules about taping were written, only big corporations had video recording technologies, so the rules made sense - THEN. Now everybody has video technologies.

So to get around this Ludditish stupidity, I had to write completely separate monologues for the actors - the monologues are NOT in the plays, but the characters saying the monologues are from the plays in my STRESS AND THE CITY show.

This monologue is for "Mr. Black."

Mr. Black is based on an ex-boyfriend of mine who had major issues with his father, and really did keep the cremated remains of his dog in an urn. A golden urn - which I bought for him one Christmas. Before that he kept the remains in a box.