Sunday, January 25, 2009

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Yet another article that tiresomely references Freud: What Do Women Want

I posted this:

The question I think is more interesting is "what do promoters of simplistic theories of human behavior want?"

In the case of evolutionary psychology it is almost always to get their readers to believe this: the problems of women as a group are not caused mainly by a social system that favors men, but by the essential evolutionary nature of women.

Bergner tips his hand with this sentence:

"Had Freud’s question gone unanswered for nearly a century not because science had taken so long to address it but because it is unanswerable? "

In other words, women's desires haven't been studied, not because male-dominated science was resistant to it, but because women are just too utterly inscrutable.

I recommend all readers here look for sentences such as that in any article that claims to reveal something about the essential sociobiological nature of women. It tells you so much about where the article's author is actually coming from.