Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yule County - updated

I made changes to my latest 10 minute play Yule County based on feedback at NYCPlawyrights. Some things needed clarification - like Todd's status as a college freshman. Someone in the audience was very distressed by the thought of Todd drinking anti-freeze, so I took it out. The important point is Todd wanting to kill himself, not so much the method.

And out of the 20 or so people in attendance, one got the metaphorical nature of Todd's reference to all the Christmas presents being opened, and then a comment to his sister about reincarnation. Which I was happy about - I didn't necessarily expect anybody to get it, in part because it goes by pretty fast.

And I decided to go with Schopenhauer after all. Although I think he is the superior philosopher, so many more people have heard of Nietzsche, so I almost used him. But you really can't beat Schopenhauer for total suicidal pessimism. The quote I used is from his essay On The Sufferings of the World.

And Schopenhauer had a snappy comeback to anybody who complained about his extreme bummer demeanor:
I shall be told, I suppose, that my philosophy is comfortless - because I speak the truth; and people prefer to be assured that everything the Lord has made is good. Go to the priests, then, and leave philosophers in peace!

I always find Schopenhauer such a comfort when I'm feeling lonely - few have been as lonely as Schopenhauer himself.