Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hermenautic circle

Now I'm getting visits from a link in some discussion thread on the Hermenautic Circle, but I can't read it because I am not a member of that "select" group. But what a coincidence - Jason Grote is a member. Could Grote be talking about me at his exclusive little club of ubermenschen and yet he is too cowardly to dare to debate me?

Well I am sorry to say, I wouldn't be a bit surprised. But if it is your doing Grote - You kicked me off your blog. I wrote about it on my blog. Jesus Christ - let it go.

The Hermenautic Circle seems to be a kind of gated community for the insufferably self-important - here's what they say about themselves: "The Hermenautic Circle is a select and secretive enclave of 100 thinkers, writers, editors, journalists, bloggers, artists, designers, musicians, multimedia producers, activists, grad school refugees, and other friends. Hosted by Joshua Glenn. The group is not accepting new members. Please support our efforts by visiting the Hermenautic Circle Bookstore."

This is our own private club for super-important-geniuses - now give us your money.