Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reason loves religious zealots

Reason is a libertarian publication. Modern libertarianism was basically invented by Ayn Rand, the worst famous novelist ever. Her importance to libertarianism and Reason is underscored by her inclusion on their topics list along with the likes of Drew Carey and Ron Paul.

Initially I thought that libertarianism was a left/right hybrid - left on personal issues like abortion and religion, but right on economic issues.

So they are pro-choice, pro-rationalism, pro-free speech, right? At one time I thought so. But Reason and its fans are completely in the tank for McPain - they especially love Sarah Palin, the fundamentalist book-banning anti-choice ignoramus. They even had one of their tame pseudo-"feminists" Cathy Young, write an article about how great Palin's candidacy is for women.

More proof that I was right to draw the conclusion in the past few years that "libertarian" is just a fancy name for conservatives who don't hate sex.