Friday, September 19, 2008

Awesome popcorn!

One of the first songs I ever really loved on the radio was Popcorn by Hot Butter ->Listen to it here!

Little did I know that it was, according to Wikipedia, "a famous early synthpop instrumental, originally recorded by Gershon Kingsley."

There are at least 72 versions of Popcorn recorded, including Hot Butter's, not to mention Kingsley's own original version which is a little spooky. And here he is playing it on the piano quite recently.

And naturally Kraftwerk had to get in on that synth Popcorn action too. These are the guys who gave us the simultaneously most hypnotic yet annoying piece of synth music ever Autobahn!

Although I do rather like, in small doses, the uber-geekiness of I am the operator of my pocket calculator.