Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Baby Jesus's bris

One thing you rarely see in Christian art is the depiction of Jesus's circumcision. In fact, growing up Catholic, it never occurred to me that anybody would depict it. Really, to be perfectly honest, I never even thought about Jesus getting circumcised, although I knew he was a nice Jewish boy. Well, not only has it been depicted, to my surprise and bemusement, but in STAINED GLASS too. You can see it, if you dare, in New York's Cloisters museum. But if you can't wait that long, you can see it on Flickr right now. You can see other stuff too (see photo with this post), but slightly less mind-blowing.

Blogger Alexander in New York has some nice pix from his trip to the Cloisters.

Cloisters own web site here. My favorite part of the museum was the several gorgeous courtyard/gardens.

At least the Met did the Cloisters right. I was mighty annoyed with the Met museum management because I went over to the Big Museum on 5th Avenue to see pencil works by J.A.D. Ingres, my latest art mania - specifically I went to see his "The Kaunitz Sisters" (see below) on the (foolish) assumption that since it is a recent acquisition, they'd be showing it off now, only to discover that it wasn't currently on display! Instead I got a wallful of Kathe Kollwitz. TOTALLY different mindset/style/etc. I respect Kollwitz and all, but I'd much rather look at an Ingres drawing, for professional and aesthetic reasons.

You can see an awesomely enlarged reproduction of The Kaunitz Sisters here