Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Man on Wire

The recent movie "Man on Wire" is really great! I saw it last night in the East Village. I was 13 when Petit walked on a wire between the two World Trade Center towers, and I do remember it, barely. But actually New York was such a big mythical place to me I kind of shrugged and figured that's just how things go in NYC.

The movie is great because it works on three levels - as a moment in time, as a portrait of the elfin Petit, and as a view of the World Trade Center towers when they were first built and of course we all know what happened to them. Although my favorite scene was shot in France, where Petit and his friends were romping in the French countryside while practicing the walk and figuring out how to get the wire across from the North to the South tower - they decided to use a bow and arrow.

It's just a great movie - go see it!