Friday, August 01, 2008

well played, Madonna

Normally I wouldn't read an article about Madonna, because really, I don't care. And it would have been my loss, this time around.

I was in the hair salon and the reading pickings were slim, so I read the article "…Beckoned, by Madonna, Over the Borderline" by Adam Sternberg in New York Magazine, and I have to say, it's a great little essay, a perfect synergy between subject and style. You should read the entire thing by following the link, but I'll give you a little preview:
Yet her ability to surprise us continues to surprise us. A-Rod and Madonna—now, who saw that coming? And yet, of course it’s Madonna. Because this is what Madonna does. Just when an album flops, or a movie tanks, or the upcoming tour’s sales falter—basically, just when you’ve started to forget about her, even a little bit—there she is, reminding you that as long as there is a breath in her chest, by God, you will not forget about her.
Well played, Adam, well played.