Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Barak has been officially nominated!

I preferred Hillary for the nominee but nevertheless - this is a great day for this country.

And I want to point out that the USA owes so much to the Black community - from the earliest days of the country, when black people were kidnapped, packed into hellish vessels, shackled, beatened, starved, and raped. Then held in captivity, and again, horribly abused, and even when finally freed, lynched and terrorized and denied the right to vote. To this very day - the Black community is still given the least respect, resources and credit.

Not to mention how much the cultural life of the US owes to the talents and hard work of Black people. Only when I left the US and went to Ireland did I realize how much we owe our concept of coolness to Black people.

I do believe that this is FINALLY A TURNING POINT for this country, and Obama must become president!

Many people at the convention cried at the moment of nomination - I admit I teared up too.

Also - I'm as heterosexual as they come, but I think Donna Brazile is kinda hot.