Wednesday, August 13, 2008

free-floating misogyny

One thing you really notice on dating sites like Plenty of Fish is the free-floating misogyny throughout. It puts me in mind of something that Germain Greer said: "Women have very little idea of how much men hate them." Thanks to Plenty of Fish, and its related forums, we do now.

My most recent run-in with a misogynist was a dude who states on his profile that women are materialistic and shallow. So, dude, if that's how you feel about women, and yet you still feel like you want a live female body to engage in sexual congress with - WHY DON'T YOU GET A HO?

I didn't say that in my response to his email though - I was far too nice.

But maybe the Universe rewarded me for my restraint - directly after my exchange with that dude, I got an email from a bright, cute 25-year-old, who thinks I'm awesome - he said I have a "Mira Sorviono/Laura Linney thing going on."

Thank you Universe.