Thursday, August 14, 2008

audition time is here

Now that I'm renting the Penny Templeton Actors studio for Mergatroyd Productions I have plenty of time available to audition actors for the 2009 installment of JANE EYRE - and I intend to use it. Last year I served up roles to actors on fine china platters, to my everlasting regret. Thanks to my kind consideration, half the cast came to believe that they were doing me a big favor by agreeing to be in the show, and they gave me heaping helpings of contempt and ingratitude. One of the most blatant examples - I always fed the actors during rehearsals. The last weekend of the show, one of the actors invited all the other actors out for brunch - but not me. That's the kind of loathsome creeps I'm talking about.

This time I am going to be much more deliberative when it comes to casting.

First up - I will be auditioning Janes and Rochesters soon. If anybody out there knows anybody they think might be a good fit for the roles, have them send me their headshots, etc. to nancy at mergatroyd dot org. And unlike almost any other Equity Showcase production in NYC, this is a paid gig.