Thursday, February 23, 2006

Al Franken's friend is a right-wing idiot

I've loved Al Franken ever since he wrote "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot, and other observations." He wrote it at a time when most liberals were still oblivious to just how evil and pervasive the right-wing media had become.

Al Franken is a sentimental guy, though. He cries virtually any time he talks about his father. Old ties are important to him. Which is why he remains friends with the thoroughly repugnant Mark Luther.

I listen to Al Franken's radio show every day. I always turn off the radio while Mark Luther is on, because listening to him always causes me to go into a rage over his stupidity and obnoxiousness. I made the mistake of leaving the radio on today when he was on, so I was treated to hearing him accuse people who object to the Dubai port deal of racism. He believes this because Rush Limbaugh said so.

To have Rush Limbaugh accuse anybody of racism is the most spectacular absurdity. Rush Limbaugh is a famous racist. He claimed that Arabs shit themselves. He was fired as a sports commentator for his racism. I personally witnessed his racism when I watched his TV show back in the early 90s. It was about homelessness, and they interviewed only black people to ask them if they would move to a city that was offering free housing to homeless people. Mind you, none of the black people were identified as homeless, and one of the interviewees was a well-spoken guy in a business suit. The assumption was that homelessness = stubborn black people who won't take free housing in a new city. I was astounded at this mendacious technique - to promote racist attitudes without actually saying anything racist aloud.

Limbaugh also used this non-verbal technique when he said "there's a White House Dog" and showed a picture of then-12-year-old Chelsea Clinton.

Even a right-winger should be utterly repelled by Rush Limbaugh after such an incident. To still admire Rush Limbaugh after such a stunt is to admit that you have no values whatsoever.

Rush Limbaugh is a documented racist, a liar, a bully, a smear-meister and a world-class hypocrite. To worship him is to worship evil incarnate. And that is what Mark Luther, Al Franken's friend, does. Mark Luther worships evil.

Why? Because Mark Luther is stupid and doesn't understand the complex world we live in. Stupid people rarely realize they're stupid, and so Luther feels that the real problem is that there's something tricksy going on behind his back. He doesn't understand it, and he fears it, so he looks to a thug like Limbaugh to protect him from the incomprehensible tricksiness. You can hear Luther's fears in the whiny undertone of his voice. He has decided that the world is unfairly tricksy, and needs somebody to blame. Rush will be happy to supply candidates for blame, regardless of logical considerations.

Al Franken has compassion for stupid people, and besides, he and Luther go way back.

But Al - Mark Luther isn't your friend. If you and he and Rush Limbaugh were in a sinking lifeboat together and he could only save one person he would save Rush Limbaugh.

He was once your friend, Al, because you had common cause. You were both against the war in Vietnam. You were against it because it was morally wrong, Luther was against it because he was worried about being sent there and getting killed.

It's time to face reality Al - he's a whiny, stupid, self-centered creep who worships evil. To give him a forum for his stupidity is to aid evil. He pretends to be your friend because you're a celebrity, and his association with you can only help him, especially with female ditto-heads. He's using you, and he isn't worthy of your consideration.

Cut him loose Al!