Thursday, February 09, 2006

Wolcott is SMOKIN'!

Go and read Wolcott's piece on Imus! He is smiting the evildoers right and left. His focus is on the I-man, but he gives plenty of grief to the ever-deserving Smurfette:
Today Maureen Dowd was on, doing her usual cutesy-nervous number (I don't know how you can cut it as a seductress when you so transparently want guys to, um, like, like you), and at one point Imus said that she's gotta stop bashing Bush in her column, he and Charles and everybody else are bored with it, she's just gotta let it go, all that Rummy stuff, ya know, enough already...

And instead of the Pulitzer Prize winning Times writer saying, It's my column, I'll write what I want to, or, We've got three years left in the Bush presidency, I can hardly ignore him and it, no, instead of standing up for herself, she said in the coyest, cloyingest manner possible, "Well, I beat up a little on Hillary at the end of the column today." As if she were trying to appease the geezer. As if she hadn't bashed Hillary all those years Bill C. was president, and will no doubt be bashing her again ad nauseum in the future.
He pins exactly what is so grievously wrong with Maureen Dowd and why it's an embarrassment to womankind to have her represent us at the NYTimes op-ed hive colony.

The Times should fire Smurfette and hire Katha Pollitt to replace her immediately.

Wolcott also bashes Tom Oliphant, who I always like on the Al Franken show. I would LOVE to have Franken question Oliphant about his Imus-enabling.

Thank you Wolsy!