Monday, February 13, 2006

Maureen Dowd's biggest insult: 'you're a woman'

But what would a Smurfette know about being a woman?

As Ann Bartow sez: If the New York Times can only manage to have one female Op-Ed columnist, why oh why does it have to be Dowd?

To which I hasten to add: The NYTimes should give Katha Pollitt her own op-ed.

But we know why Dowd is kept on by the Times - because she flatters the Patriarchy every chance she gets. She wants to be the popular girl. So she compares men to women in order to insult them, bashes feminism while claiming to be a feminist, and promotes evolutionary psychology every chance she gets. Why should the Times, a thoroughly male-dominated institution, give up all that flattery just for the superior literary style and keener mind of a Katha Pollitt?