Wednesday, January 30, 2019

More obnoxiousness from the brocialists

I've mentioned on this blog before I have issues with Barbara Ehrenreich so I wasn't surprised by her recent idiotic tweet:

Absolutely standard brocialist talking point - any woman Democrat who isn't Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is garbage. 

When Ehrenreich released "Nickeled and Dimed" I thought it was a great idea for a book - Ehrenreich went undercover as an unskilled laborer to see what a shitty life it was.

But she could have just asked me, the ex-wife of her buddy Zvi in Key West, how shitty it was. 

I struggled as a single mother all those years raising my daughter with almost no support from my ex-husband. Once in awhile I would get a big payment from him if he had sold a lot of marijuana, but overall he got away with paying a very small amount of child support. So I did the usual thing poor people do - got welfare, got food stamps, got free government cheese, and then through being in the right place at the right time was able to use the personal computer revolution to work my way up to a decent living one less-shitty-job at a time. Without a college degree.

And of course my ex contributed nothing to my daughter's college education which was financed through a combination of grants and loans taken out by my daughter and myself. I finally finished paying off the loan for my daughter's education this year. Unlike me she was able to go to college for four years and graduate.

But why should Barbara Ehrenreich care? Zvi was devoted to what really mattered to him - marijuana rights - so why should he have to worry about getting a job to pay for his daughter?

It's just like Bernie Sanders who was too busy writing for obscure political rags that paid nothing while his son was little - Sanders, like my ex-husband, prioritized himself and his ambitions over his kid. And that doesn't bother people like Ehrenreich at all. Or my ex-friend "Reverend Bookburn."

I'm sure that Sanders' baby-momma made sure she had enough food in the house and paid the electric bill for the sake of her son - meanwhile Bernie was stealing electricity from his landlord for power, just like he tried to get power through the Democratic party while shitting on Democrats.

I hate these people with their self-satisfied ignorance and their hatred of women struggling uphill to actually be effective and get things done - people like Nancy Pelosi.

Fuck you Barbara Ehrenreich and your whole brocialist misogynist mob of shitheads.