Tuesday, January 29, 2019

More Beatles awesomeness

I have my annual cold this week so I'm watching/listening to Beatle stuff to cheer up.

I re-watched Ron Howard's Beatles: Eight Days a Week the Touring Years on Hulu - I saw it when it was first out in the theater and had forgotten the part where it mentions the Beatles were vocally anti-segregation. The Youtube video here is the excerpt.

It turns out that the Beatles had an anti-segregation clause in their contract. But they also said they were anti-segregation publicly, in interviews as the clip above demonstrates.

I am convinced that this is the root of the anti-Beatles hysteria in the South in 1966. I think the racists were just looking for a chance to punish the Beatles and Lennon's "bigger than Jesus" gave them their excuse. In this interview McCartney seems to be alluding to just that.

 I think there's the makings of a play here.