Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Steve Sailer, Steven Pinker, the Obamas

I've been researching Steve Sailer's oeuvre in even greater detail along with his connection to Pinker, and I noticed that Sailer really really hates Michelle Obama.

Newsweek has a long article on the wonderfulness of Mrs. Obama, but she sounds like she’s got a log-sized chip on her shoulder from lucking into Princeton due to affirmative action. For predictable reasons, being admitted into one of the Big Four super colleges and being given lots of financial aid didn’t instill in her a feeling of gratitude toward the benevolence of white people. Instead, it just fed her adolescent self-consciousness and racial paranoia. The bad news is that she doesn’t seem to have gotten over it yet. (She’s 44).
Sailer demonstrates what I realized some time in the middle of Obama's presidency - the right/racists believe that Obama isn't really all that smart, he was just helped by the do-gooders. Sailer reprints something one of his readers wrote, with approval:
Virtually everything he’s been given has been donated willingly on the basis of what he is–pan racial, seemingly articulate and forthright exotic who wears clothes brilliantly and is highly charismatic–than what he’s done. No grades, no scores, no actual accomplishments. So how smart is he? Is he really smart? He’s articulate but he uses his charm in any circumstance where he’s out-IQed, and if his charm fails, so does his confidence, and he lurches in gibberish, well documented.