Saturday, January 27, 2018

It's because you support anti-feminists, Jerry Coyne

Evo-psycho bro Jerry Coyne posts on his blog:
I don’t want to put up a poll, or compile statistics, but I have noticed that fewer women seem to chime in on gender-related posts, though I’m not sure about “controversial” posts. This may be an illusion, but if women readers are hesitant to do so, I’d like to know why. 
Also, the sex ratio of commenters does seem to be skewed toward males (I’m judging mostly from user names), and if there’s anything we can do to encourage more women to participate, I’d like to know.  So, although men can weigh in below, I’d especially encourage the women to do so.
Well I could have told him it's because of his MRA sympathies and the fact that he constantly refers readers to Quillette, founded by raging anti-feminist Claire Lehmann - just check out her grotesque screeds on the Canadian alt-right media outlet "The Rebel". 

And here she is appearing on the same show as Gavin McInnes, professional misoygnist. And no, I don't mean merely anti-feminist I mean fucking full-on misogynist. Gavin McInnes hates women, especially women's bodies. He hates women so much you either have to feel incredibly sorry for his mother, or wonder what is wrong with her that she raised such an MRA psychopath.

Diana MacPherson 
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Yes Randall you are absolutely spot on here. I’ve engaged this handful of people over and over and frankly it is no longer worth my time to engage in this conversation. I’m just repeating myself and I’m frankly exhausted to have to counter the following ad nauseam: 
– Feminists hate men
– Women don’t work in STEM because they don’t want to
– The pay gap is a myth
– All feminists are the same – they hate men and if you say otherwise, you are behaving like a theologian who says atheists aren’t sophisticated enough to appreciate religion
– Women and feminists is all about victimhood
– There is no sexism anymore. Women have equal rights
– Women don’t get high paying jobs because they don’t want to do the dirty work/dangerous work/hard work
The above are the persistent themes and they are not worth my time to counter so I left the discussion to the men to decide about what is so with women. Thank goodness for the majority of WEIT men who counter these claims, but even they seem to be growing tired of these remarks and have stopped commenting.
It should be noted, I’m no wuss about engaging in discussion; I think my track record here speaks for itself. But, I can already hear, “the women don’t like arguing; women don’t like engaging in rough discussions; women think WEIT should be safe space for feminists (actually said on WEIT once); women just aren’t interested in this kind of discussion.
If I wanted to read this stuff, I’d go to an MRA site.

So I have to wonder why, given such a hostile environment, she continues to have anything to do with Coyne's site. I gave up on it years ago.

Especially when it's known Coyne likes to censor dissent on his blog, while at the same time, hypocritically, writing screeds against Anita Sarkeesian for refusing to post the abusive misogyny she has been targeted with (in addition to rape and death threats) thanks to Gamergate.