Saturday, September 24, 2016


Krugman is always an enjoyable source of enlightenment on the issue of economics and politics, but I was especially interested in brushing up on my Krugman as a way to get me back into re-writing my play DARK MARKET. Now that I've had a good reading of a fairly good draft of my NORMA JEANE play it's time to get ready for the next DARK MARKET reading - the first in almost a year (!)  in a couple of weeks.

So I've been mainlining Krugman speeches.

Krugman himself, via his Twitter account provided a link to his most recent public speaking engagement at conference in Geneva.

Next I was interested to see that I had somehow missed him speaking - again - at the 92nd Street Y. I caught him in person at the Y in 2009 almost exactly seven years ago, back when I lived on the Upper East Side. I was excited to see he was interviewed by Gillian Tett, whom I first heard of thanks to her interview in the movie Inside Job.

Krugman has also been on Bill Maher's show. I don't think I knew that.