Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's the adventures of Butz & Schopenhauer

I happened to bump into this web page about a comic strip based on philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.
His word-balloon reads: "all religion is in antagonism with the culture"

It's all in German. According to Google translate the intro says:
The Comic Strip series BUTZ & Schopenhauer puts the philosophers Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) in our time. Together with his life Companion, the Poodle Butz, is the great thinker as modest pensioners among us. It traverses the public spaces of the modern city: the pedestrian areas, the Department stores and the city parks. He finds himself in communication and conflict with the Types and characters of our time. Our contemporaries Schopenhauer speaks with those wonderful and scarce resounding aphorisms that have made him famous and cited to this day a lot. With the power of his language he represents our world to the test ; But our world is A tough test for him. Not infrequently gets his philosophical composure falter, and the eloquent spirit man must rely on the emotional backing his dumb dog BUTZ .

I assume when they use the word "dumb" in this case they mean mute, rather than stupid. There only seems to be nine episodes of this comic strip though, which is a shame.