Monday, July 06, 2015

More on the paradox of femininity

A few years ago on this blog I wrote about the paradox of high heeled shoes, although really that is part of the whole paradox of femininity. My daughter once helpfully informed me I was "butch" but I maintain I'm just not macho enough to do the whole hard-core femininity drag. I'm too much a creature of comfort to put my body through a lot of torture for the sake of fashion. I rarely wear high heels because they're so uncomfortable - and bad for your health too. And as I complained the first time around, while high heels shoes are meant to make a woman look all dainty, walking around on her tippy-toes, they make her sound, in the hardened halls of corporate America, like a bunch of Clydesdales clomping on cobblestone.

Well I've been traveling quite a bit lately which means I've had to use public toilets, and so I'm reminded of another paradox of femininity - there are many woman who are just too freaking dainty to sit on the toilet seat of a public toilet, so instead they squat over the seat and end up peeing all over it. And do they wipe it down afterwards, as a refined lady would? No, of course not, they just leave it boobytrapped for the next woman. I'm going to have to look into these devices.