Wednesday, July 01, 2015

More Facebook weirdness

Every now and then I will think of somebody from my past and wonder whatever happened to them. Thanks to Facebook, I can often find out.

I have this portrait of a guy I dated briefly back when, Jason. It's a pretty good likeness and you can see how cute he was in his 20s. And he had a freakishly long penis. Ah memories. He also has a big tattoo on his back, I drew a portrait where you can see it, but he kept it. He did mail me a photocopy after I begged him for it. I have that around here too, and will have to post that online when I find it.

At the time I knew him he was living in Brooklyn, where he grew up, and he took me to the promenade in Brooklyn Heights which I found charming. It was actually the first time I ever was in Brooklyn not counting whizzing by on the BQE.

Now he has a wife and kid and runs a dental lab in upstate New York, judging from Facebook. He's still attractive, but nothing like he was back then. He also still likes the Beatles and the Muppets, still a big fan of Jim Henson. Some things never change.

I have a whole stash of portraits I've drawn over the years up until about 10 years ago - I haven't done much drawing since then and especially in the last five years, since if you want to get a picture of someone you just pull your phone out of your pocket. Still, pencil portraits have a definite charm - and I am very good at capturing likenesses, if I do say so myself - a talent that becomes less useful by the year. I have a pile of pencil, charcoal and pastel drawings as well as some watercolor paintings - almost all portraits. I find it hard to throw away a well-done portrait. But looking through my stash tonight some of the pictures on lower-quality paper are in danger of disintegrating. I should probably start taking pictures of them to save them. Maybe I'll have an art show on this here blog.