Monday, April 20, 2015

The last pillar of patriarchy

I decided to have a look at the women my age on a dating site - not because I decided to finally give bisexuality a try, but because I wanted to see how much I had in common with them, or not.

I am definitely different from the vast majority of women my age on this dating site - the age-range of guys I'm interested in, 25-55, is much greater on the younger side than the older side. Most women my age specify guys 10 years younger and 10 years older, or 5 years younger up to 15 years older.  Some don't even want guys their own age, only older.

I thought that more women my age were open to younger guys. Which is only the practical thing to do, since younger guys are more into us. I think I saw only one other woman who listed the youngest age of what she was looking for as in the 20s. Which I guess is just as well for me - much less competition for 20-something guys who like older women - and there are many more of them than you might guess.

The high percentage of men in my age group who won't even consider a woman as old as his same exact age makes me want to puke. And they ALL want much younger women. And now that I've seen what women my age online look like, they are much much better looking than the men. Much better. And I'm not into women. And presumably a fairly high percentage of them are lying about their age and are actually older - which makes their photos even more impressive.

But male entitlement in dating is surely the last pillar of the Patriarchy standing and it must be destroyed. There is no reason why women should be expected to be with older unattractive men, nor men expected to be with younger women.

Once those expectations are no more, we will know that the patriarchy is finally on the ropes. I hope I live to see that day.