Sunday, April 12, 2015

ROM COM online

I finally got the videos together for the TAKE BACK THE ROM COM project. I only really liked three of the plays selected. There wasn't a lot of good plays to choose from because although we got almost 300 submissions, at least half had to be discarded for being neither romantic nor comedic, as specified in the call for 10-minute romantic comedies. So several of the plays selected, while technically romantic comedies, had nothing exciting going on - they're just long dialogs.

But that's how it goes. Most people just can't write a good play, but that doesn't stop them from submitting their work. So virtually any evening of 10-minute plays will have at best two or three good plays and the rest will be filler because there was nothing else better to use.

So what's the next project for NYCPlaywrights? Well whatever it is, something not quite so expensive.