Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Production illness, right on schedule

This is ridiculous - almost every time I am involved in a theater production I come down with a horrible cold, and sure enough right on schedule I'm sick. Actually this is before schedule - usually I am into the second or third week of rehearsals before I come down with a cold. This time around I'm not even done casting and I'm sick.

Maybe this time I'm stressed because the show line-up has changed twice so far - first it was my plays and Durang, then my plays and Feydeau, and now it's just my plays - and one of the Play of the Month monologues.

Almost all my plays in this show are road-tested: SODOM & GOMORRAH, NEW RULES, and THE SLASH. Only JASMINE is brand new, and I'm excited to finally see that up on its feet.

The name of the show, LADIES MEN, hasn't changed since Feydeau got le boot, although the tone has changed somewhat. Although two of my plays are sex farces, THE SLASH and especially JASMINE are more serious. But it's still short plays about ladies men, men's men and people persons. Web site coming soon.