Saturday, April 12, 2014

J&B - finally

Finally got confirmation that JULIA & BUDDY will be part of the Midtown International Theater Festival - that is, in its full-length configuration - it was already in the 2010 festival as a one-act. Hard to believe it's taken me a full freaking four years to get it up as a full-length.

To celebrate, I created a new logo, which I think is the best yet - and I've been working on this logo for at least three years.

On the downside I had to cancel LADIES MEN - too many factors not coming together quickly enough and besides, I need to save my money for J&B.

I'm excited that the MITF now allows Equity shows - that allows me to cast some great actors - if they are available. I still don't know exactly when my show is scheduled in the MITF lineup. As soon as I do though...

I'm wondering if I should compose some new music for this version - I have two tunes from 2010 that I quite like, so maybe I'll do theme and variations on them. Really they aren't complete songs, they're just meant to be played at the beginning and end of the show. Maybe I'll turn them into whole songs. The Julia & Buddy theme song, which you can listen to here, is only really a tune for a minute and twenty seconds, then it just trails off into a bass and percussion loop. I didn't think I'd need more than a minute and twenty seconds to open the show.

As I recall the bass line for the song is an original by me (as opposed to using one of the Garageband loops) and I was thinking of the bass from "Ballad of John and Yoko" when I wrote it. There's also something about the lead guitar that reminds me of Lennon's post-Beatles output.