Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More from the shore

We eventually walked over from Wildwood Crest to Wildwood proper and it is still definitely trashy in Wildwood. I guess some things never change.

Speaking of which, we also went to Cape May, which has also not changed since I was last there on vacation fourteen years ago.

It was definitely the highlight of the trip. We had tea at the Emlen Physick Estate tea room - although the tea itself was a disappointment. It was not what I consider a real tea service, since all the other places I've been to that serve traditional afternoon tea - at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia, at Lady Mendl's tea room, in London - they put tea leaves in a pot and you pour from there into your cup - with a mesh to catch the leaves, usually. Well here they gave us a pot of hot water and tea bags. The desserts were good though, and they had a pretty little garden.

The best part though was going to Cape May point, which is the opposite of Wildwood - uncommercial and with few people. The beach was practically empty - although I suppose the fact that you can no longer swim in the state park area of the beach is a big reason. Anyway, a pod of dolphins showed up and it was such fun to watch them.

Of course I couldn't get good dolphin pix thanks to this iPhone camera.