Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mikki Kendall doesn't remember smearing me

So Mikki Kendall and her gang of haters decided to twitter about what I wrote about Kendall. Kendall claims she barely remembers me - probably because she says nasty things about so many people so often she lost track of them all.

She has a special hatred for white feminists though. Here she implies that Amanda Marcotte stole the work of WOC bloggers. This was after Marcotte defended Kendall's Salon article.

It's easy for Kendall to forget about me, but it's hard for me to forget Kendall because her Tumblr mob lies about me show up whenever you Google my name. The reason she lied about me was because I disagreed with her about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I said that they were trying to make a feminist point when they wrote this song back in the early 1970s, and in fact they were both anti-racists. And that is all it took for Kendall and her mob to smear me as a "racist" - I've opposed racism my entire life.

I did a little research to see what is wrong with Mikki Kendall and her Tumblr mob and I discovered that Mikki Kendall is not only a reckless liar but also a very bad journalist.

But she doesn't seem to be a full-time journalist -  Kendall's full-time job seems to be to say nasty things about people on Tumblr and Twitter.

What I'm wondering is who pays her to attack people all day long?

It turns out I have mutual friends with some of Kendall's friends on Facebook - you can see one of them on in the screen shot below. I had a peek at the profiles of some of Kendall's friends and it turns out at least one of them likes the Beatles. Considering that John Lennon was a member of the Beatles, and according to Mikki Kendall, John Lennon is a racist, by Mikki Kendall's logic one of her friends is a racist. 

Mikki Kendall's belief that she can launch ethics-free and stupid attacks against anybody for any reason, using lies and smears and innuendo will come back to haunt any organization that allows her to operate as its spokesperson or writer.

Thanks to social media the world is a tiny place. Maybe Mikki Kendall should think twice before smearing some "broad."