Monday, May 06, 2013

KrugTron the Invicible

A well-deserved celebration of the many triumphant battles engaged in by Krgthulu (which K-man himself links to from his blog.) Noah Smith writes:

In the econ blogosphere, a similar (Voltron episode) dynamic has played out over the last few years. Each week a Robeast will show up, bellowing predictions of inflation and/or soaring interest rates. And each week, Paul Krugman...I mean, KrugTron, Defender of the Blogoverse, will strike down the monster with a successful prediction of... low inflation and continued low interest rates. Goldbugs, "Austrians", New Classical economists, and harrumphing conservatives of all stripes have eagerly gone head-to-head with KrugTron in the prediction wars, and have been summarily cloven in twain.