Monday, May 20, 2013

Deconstructed Goat Cheese Tart

As I mentioned on this blog last week, I absolutely adore the Goat Cheese Tart at the Black Mountain Winery in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn. The really great thing about it is that although it is mind-blowingly delicious it's also incredibly freaking healthy too. It's not actually a tart in the traditional sense of a small pie with a crust. I guess since potatoes are a starch maybe that's considered close enough to stand in for the usual pastry used in tarts. But whatever - the sandwich made from potato and roasted beet with a thin layer of goat cheese in the middle is just right - plus the balsamic and the greens with a dash of dressing and you have yourself a perfect food. I went back to Black Mountain Winery for the second week in a row, just to eat it again. But this time I examined it well enough I was able to deconstruct it. I think my illustration above is very close to accurate. Although who knows what magical things they do to make it work together in the amazing synergistic way it does?

Here's what it looked like after I ate about 20%. And of course I paired it was a sauvignon blanc. I'm sitting by the fireplace - it was chilly last Tuesday so they had a roaring fire going. Just a perfect dining experience.


Here's the place from the outside.