Friday, February 08, 2013

NYCPlaywrights hears from an Angry White Man

People rarely send messages to the NYCPlaywrights email address, much less misogynistic rants, but this landed in my "junk" email folder today:
How do you justify advertising things like artemsia which has a big sign saying women only? What if someone said no women? would you advertise for them? How about no blacks…white only writers…would you advertise for them? Don't answer…if you say yes, you're lying and if you say no, you've just proved my point…I just don't get it…never have..,.never will…and please spare me the swill about under-represented women in  theatre etc…everyone is underrepresented and promoting shit writing by women doesn't make it better.
I considered a variety of responses but after googling his email address and finding out that he asked a question of a psychic web site concerning the possible portents of a bird in his basement flying away when he opened a window, I decided maybe I didn't want to engage with him.